Friday, August 3, 2012

Flashback Friday # 196

I Really Hate That Phrase

Hello. I'm glad to have you back for another stroll down memory lane. Sometimes the memories are good. This isn't one of them.

After saying goodbye to Kelly, I found myself in a dilemma. Everyone who was everyone had a significant other. I needed to find a new one. I set my hat towards a girl who was the younger sister of my brother's best friend. I went over to her house with my brother several times and even went ice skating with her on a gravel road (we had a monster ice storm and the ice was so thick that you really could skate on the gravel.).

Shirley was pretty, moderately popular and a member of our school's drill team (Drill teams have nothing to do with electric power tools they use pom-poms). I figured that as familiar as we were with each other, It might be worth a shot. Now all I had to do is to work up the gumption to ask her.

Working up the gumption took over a week. When I finally did, I slipped her a note. I waited the answer with great anticipation. Later in the day, when she saw me again, she slipped a note to me. It said in essence, I'm flattered, but I rather just be friends.

Just be friends. I really hate that phrase. Well there are many other fish in the sea, Perhaps I needed better bait.

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