Monday, August 13, 2012

A Great Honor Was Bestowed Upon Me

Yesterday, We were all abuzz because "The Woodsman" had consented to allow "The Boy" to get baptized. He said when The Boy could explain why he felt he needed to be baptized, he would allow it. In times past, The Boy would freeze up and his mind would go blank. Thanks to Bible Quizzing (which he participated in this year, covering Apostolic doctrine) he was able not only to explain why he needed to be baptized, but he was also able to reference verses to back his argument up.

When the Pastor asked who The Boy wanted to baptize him, since there are many licensed ministers in our church, my wife sent a text to "The Ogre" to find out. The answer came back that he wanted ME to baptize him. I'm not a licensed minister, but Pastor has taught profusely about the man being priest in his household. There have been other men who got to baptize their children, now I was going to get to baptize my grandson.

He had already repented and received the gift of the Holy Ghost, being baptized in Jesus Name would complete his spiritual birth.

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