Monday, June 13, 2011

Thank You Dallas Mavericks!

Ever since last summer, when a certain unnamed player took his talents to South Beach, I have been rooting against the Miami Heat. My favorite team was whoever was playing the Heat.

When the playoffs started, Miami was the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference. They first played the Philadelphia 76ers and won that series. Then they played The Boston Celtics and won that series too. They then had to play #1 seed Chicago Bulls. Again they won and off to the NBA Finals.

They played the Dallas Mavericks in The Finals. I like The Mavericks. Many people have a problem with their owner, Mark Cuban. He is vocal. He is a supporter of his players. He wants to win. He is a fan, not just an owner hoping to make a buck.

The Mavericks were the underdog. Everyone expected Miami to sweep. Miami was destined to win the Championship because they now had three superstars on their roster. All they had to do was throw their jocks out on the court to win. If any team had a sense of entitlement, it was the Heat.

Dallas beat the Heat in six games to win the NBA Finals. They were, by far, the better team. They have been through some difficult times in the playoffs. They came back from large deficits in each series. There were some long time veterans on that team that have never been on a championship team. MVP Dirk Nowiski won his first ring.In fact, everybody on this team won their first ring. He could have whined and left for greener pastures because he had no superstar help like the above mentioned player who will not be named. He stuck with his team and was rewarded with the Championship.

picture courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

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