Monday, June 27, 2011

I Really Don't Like Doctor Visits

I dislike them so much that I scheduled three of them today.

First off I made it over to the lab for some wellness screenings (thank you insurance company).Those who know me know that I hate needles. Poke. When Dracula was finished taking my blood, I had to wait a few hours until my next appointment.

A few weeks ago, I developed a nasty ingrown toenail. I was on antibiotics for two weeks to knock out the infection before they could do anything with it. I must admit, the podiatrist I went to was one of the most calming doctors that I had ever been to. It helped that I knew him from when we were both chaperoning a band trip to Toronto. He gave me 10 brownie points the moment he saw me because I was wearing an OSU shirt (he's an alumni). At least before the pokes that I knew were coming, he numbed the toe with some really cold spray. Once the toe was numb, he cut out the serrated knife that had become the edge of my toenail.

The next appointment was set 4 months earlier. It was merely a checkup on my right knee from my orthopedic surgeon. No needles there. (YAY!!!)

I used a vacation day from work today to get all the appointments in. Some vacation.

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MotherT said...

At least you got paid to go!