Friday, June 3, 2011

Flashback Friday # 139

Student Council

Hello friends. Welcome back for another stroll down memory lane.

Today we delve into the government of our schools, Student Council.I had extensive experience in running for this office. In 7th grade, I lost by only two votes. In 8th grade, I lost by one vote ( The bad thing about that is I voted for the guy who beat me). I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring for another try. The worst I could do was lose again.

In preparing for the run, all applicants had to have thirty of your fellow students sign a petition. The petition was then turned into the teacher who was overseeing the council. The names were then put on a ballot for each class to vote on. The top two vote getters were awarded seats on counsel. All the club presidents were members also.

I collected the required signatures (actually I got 31. A boy signed for his sister so I covered my bases) and turned in my petition. I knew the other two who were running too. I could only hope.

When election day came, the ballots were passed out during lunch. Since lunch was broken up into three time slots, members of my class came in at different times. It was after 1st lunch that an issue arose.

On the Freshman ballot, only two people were listed on the ballot. During 2nd lunch, the boy who was left off the ballot sought out the Student Council advisor. Why wasn't he listed on the ballot, he asked. The advisor told him it was because he hadn't turned in his petition. OH, He forgot. Running to his locker, he gave it to the advisor and asked if he still could be on the ballot. She told him that if he could convince people to put him on as a write-in candidate, he could run. It was already 3rd lunch.

Needless to say, the boy wasn't elected. I was elected, along with a popular girl (who also was a cheerleader). The boy wasn't satisfied. He began a petition to have another election since he had been left off the ballot (due to his own fault). He had the audacity to ask me to sign it. Years earlier I would have. I told him "NO". I won the election fair & square. His petition petered out and I settled in as a Student Council member.

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