Friday, June 24, 2011

Flashback Friday # 142

Mr. Carver

Greetings one & all (maybe not all. There is someone who has been very nosey). In last week's post, I mentioned that someone hollered out "Teacher's coming". That teacher would be Mr. Carver (if you are a new reader, I rarely ever use anyone's real name, or the real name of a business, because they don't pay me to advertise.)

Mr. Carver a recent college graduate (I don't know if we were his first teaching assignment). He taught General Science & Earth Science. He may have taught other classes, but those are the classes I had. One of the main things I remember about him is that he called us "gang". "OK gang, I need your attention." "OK gang, turn to page 153." "Hey, gang, Would you please pay attention to the lesson?"

The other thing that stands out is that even though he was a Science teacher, he didn't believe in evolution. He told us that he wasn't allowed to tell us what he believed, but this isn't it. He said that he was responsible for giving us the information and we could do with it as we pleased. He then went on to explain that evolution wasn't as scientific as everyone made it out to be. He gave us the information from the book, but didn't force feed it to us. I liked that.

What is really funny about Mr. Carver is that his son & Lady Lemon graduated together. I ran into him at a football game and he said he was there because his son was in the band (as was Lady Lemon). He had become the guidance counsellor at my school & was applying for the local guidance counsellor job.

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