Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2 days in a row?

I know what you're thinking,"He wasn't on for 3 weeks, so now he thinks he has to post every day". Wrong. I had full intentions of going to work today. I got up, put out the dog, let him back in, and turned on the radio. I then heard that my company had called off 1st shift operations due to the freezing rain we had here last night. Look at the time I posted, I'm usually at work at that time, and I promise you, I don't blog while at work.

Here are a few pics of the ice:

This picture shows a piece of ice that I got off of my truck. It is over a quarter of an inch thick. I know this because I measured it myself. The folks on the radio said we could have up to a tenth of an inch of ice coating. They were a mite off. How many geeks do you know that have their personal set of verniers to measure silly things like this with?

On an unrelated note, I have one more fast story to tell. On the Saturday of the second week, I got inspired. I had heard from many folks lamenting the things they couldn't have during the fast. Some took it farther than the Pastor called for. Instead of desserts, ALL things sweet were sacrificed. No sugar on cereal, no jelly on PB&J sandwiches, no fun shopping,etc. I took it upon myself to wax poetic about it all in this bit of prose:

Daniel or Lamentations?

Breakfast, no coffee. I think I'll have toast. No bacon, no sausage, no ham.

Lunch, a nice salad, a few celery stalks or a peanut butter sandwich without jam.

Dinner, no chicken, broiler or fried. No Pepsi or Coke for you see,

This Daniel fast that the church is now doing isn't going fast enough for me.

So pass me some carrot sticks. Pour me some juice or a tall glass of milk & that's all.

The place in the room where the TV inhabits is driving me strait up the wall.

I'm thinking of hoagies, tacos and chili, spaghetti and cookies and cake.

And each night I'm dreaming

of chocolate ice creaming.

I'm starving to death when I wake. Oh for goodness sake.

Well, I'm tempted to surf the web for hours on end, but it's something I can't on this fast.

I've not seen a down of the NFL playoffs. I don't know how long that can last.

Still as I drive down the street past McD's, a big Mac pops into my thought.

I know others are feeling the same way that I'm feeling. Unity means a whole lot.

There are time I think this fast is pushing me toward the brink of of inanity.

"Cause now I'm reading a devotional book instead of listening to Rush & Sean Hannity.

So I'm reading my Bible, not Reader's Digest. I'm four weeks ahead on my chart.

And I've met at the church, prayed for 21 minutes. Obedience is a good place to start.

My Facebook hasn't been updated in weeks. My Farmville crop wilts on the vine.

I'm finding myself growing closer to God, and I'll tell you right now that is fine.

And though I am craving some meat every night, I'm determined this fast I'll not break.

But, I tell you, just as soon as it's finished, I'm gonna have me a big juicy steak.

Our associate pastor liked that so much, he had me read it over the pulpit Sunday night. Many of my out of town friends that I showed it to during Quizzing thought it was hilarious. One told me they had done the Daniel fast before, but did each thing only one week (meat 1, desserts& drinks 2, media 3) they were completely aghast that we had done all of them for the whole three weeks.

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Mrs Lemon said...

A veritable wordsmith!

One time we (the ladies in my church) did a 2-3 day gradual Daniel's Fast - we started out by no sugar drinks for a few days, then no caffeine, then no sweets, then no meat, then no pleasant bread, then fruits and veggies only, down to water only. It was incredible. After that fast, I quit eating cottage cheese altogether for a few years, I just couldn't stomach it. We had a major breakthrough in our congregation's growth though, so it was worth it.