Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Past...With a Price Tag

Lady Nottaguy-TYG and I ran off to Amish country for our anniversary. While there, we wandered through a very large antique store. Looking through the stuff there kindled some smoldering memories of thing that I had or loved ones had (and no, I am not an antique person, thankyouverymuch.)

The first thing I saw that sparked a memory was a hoppity hop. I never owned one of these, but the neighbors did. For those of you who don't know what those were, they were a large rubber ball with a handle on top. You sit on it and bounce across the yard. The powers that be must have deemed them unsafe because I haven't seen one in years. I took a picture of it, but probably hit erase instead of save.

Another thing I saw, but can't find a picture of either, is the Radio Flyer spring horse. You could keep a child entertained for hours with one of these. It was a large plastic horse suspended from a base by four springs. It must have been deemed unsafe too. Why is it that everything that is fun is also unsafe?

Next, we have the gun that I whacked Sir Gattabout upside the head with in Flashback Friday #1. This may or may not be the actual weapon, but it is exactly like the one I used.

A little further on, I spotted some glass flower frogs. There were used to support flowers at the bottom of a vase. I never saw them used for that purpose. Grandma & Grandpa used them as paperweights & pen holders on their desk. they also used an eight cylinder distributor cap as a pen/pencil holder.
A ways further down, I came across some metal lunchboxes. I never had any of these particular boxes, but I got a new one every year throughout elementary school.

Next we have marbles. Who didn't have marbles? More on marbles in tomorrow's Flashback Friday post. There were two quart jars of marbles in this particular booth. I bought one of them. I told the cashier that I had lost my marbles and my wife was buying replacements.
Finally, we have Frostie Root Beer. That was huge when I was but a tot. My kin liked for me to sing the Frostie Root Beer jingle when I was four or five. I don't even remember how it went. I thought they had stopped making it a long time ago. Apparently not.

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