Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Things You'll See @ LOLmart

I stopped at Largest-retailer-in-the-world-mart today to pick up some mouthwash for my MIL. While perusing the selections, I came across this beauty:

Yes, You are seeing correctly. That is liquid Dial soap sitting among the mouth rinses. The first thing I thought was "Is this for kids who need their mouths washed out?" It obviously is an item that someone no longer wanted in their cart, but I laughed at the irony of it's placement.

Next, Over at electronics, was this great pic:

I always glance through the $5 movies in the bin. While I was there, two teen age Amish girls start rummaging through the bin, picking out certain movies. I could have gotten a MUCH better shot, but I was considerate toward their dislike of having their faces photographed. As I stepped away, they moved to where I was, and I snapped this shot from behind.

You see many funny things at this store. Someone should create a website to catalog all the...What's that?...Someone already has? Oh, Okay.

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