Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Back (My wife also used this title)

The 21 day Daniel fast is done.The dietary restriction were difficult, but manageable. I really missed not being on the Internet for 3 weeks. Also, being a big sports fan, I didn't get to see a single down of the NFL playoffs. I listened to the banter at work to figure out who won. I didn't let anyone at work know that I was doing any kind of fast at all. That was really hard when a co-worker offered me a cream filled donut about two weeks into the fast.

Here are a couple of funny stories during the fast. While feeding Sparky The Wonder Dragon, I caught a whiff of his canned food. It smelled really good. I looked at the label. "Sirloin flavor". The dog was eating better than I was. Another time I was really craving a cookie. I ate some Ritz crackers instead. Ritz crackers are poor substitute for cookies. I also wanted a hamburger in the worst way, so I had a veggie burger. It was what I wanted. A hamburger in the worst way.

What did I do during the fast? I read 6 1/2 books from our Christian library at home. No fluff reading here. I counted yesterday and I am 37 days ahead on my Bible reading chart. We also met at the church every night at 7PM to pray for a minimum of 21 minutes (one for each day of the fast). I also agreed to mentor a young man who is moving here from Wooster. Please pray for me in this endeavor.

In checking up on the sites that I frequent, I discovered that I made the front page of the site "Learn From My Fail". I submitted "When moving the stepladder you are working with, always remove the tools on top of it first. Hammers hurt." The story behind that was that I was hanging some new lights in the hall and had to nail some supports into the wall. Seeing that we have 10' high ceilings, they needed to be high up, hence the stepladder. Fortunately the hammer landed on my shoulder and not my head.

While we were away the following things happened (in no particular order): "The Girl" turned 2 and had a grand time playing with the dollhouse that we got her. We met "The Lemons" down at the Newport Aquarium to see the fishies. The 2011 Bible Quizzing season started off with the first tournament being held here locally.

It's good to be back. I will be reading up and commenting on your posts shortly.

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Mrs Lemon said...

That made me actually laugh out loud about the worst hamburger :)