Saturday, January 8, 2011

See You In 21 Days

Seeing that I am a faithful member of my church, and I do as my Pastor asks, I will be "off the airwaves" for 21 days. Why am I doing this? My Pastor has called a "Daniel Fast".

In Daniel chapter 10, Daniel had a vision but didn't fully understand it. He, for three full weeks, ate no pleasant bread, had flesh or wine in his mouth, nor anointed himself, to get closer to God. At the end of three weeks he is visited by an angel who tells him that his prayers were heard the first day, but was withstood by evil spiritual influences for 21 days. Daniel's fasting gave him the answer he was searching for.

So how does that relate to us? We all use a little more drawing close to God. Our Pastor "tweaked" Daniel's fast for today, so we can concentrate on drawing nigh to God. The pleasant bread will refer to desserts. Flesh, of course, is meat. Since we don't drink wine anyway, it will be replaced with soda pop, coffee & tea (aka no caffeine). The anointing was something pleasant to Daniel, so something pleasant for us must take it's place. For three weeks, there will be no TV, video, MP3, Internet, or other media.

I like my dessert as much as anyone else, sometimes more (are you going to finish that?). This will be rough. I am defiantly not a vegan, so no meat will be tough. I gave up caffeine over a year ago (by doctor's orders), so that's no problem. No Internet, to quote Bugs Bunny, "OOOHHH, I'm dying!". That will be the hardest of all.

Since I'm not going to be here for three weeks, I leave you with some funnies to look at, my "Stuff" page at The Cheezburger Network. These are all the pictures that I have captioned. It should keep you occupied for a while. I'm SirNottaguy-Imadad there too. If you see something, and you find it humorous, please put a vote in for it. The more votes, the better chance I have to making it to the front page. The newest ones come up first.

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