Monday, December 20, 2010

Long Lines At The Pump

While travelling home today, I noticed that gas prices had shot up 20 cents a gallon from the price I paid this morning. While at a stop light, not far from my house, I saw nine cars vying to get into the local UDF to buy gas. There would have been more cars on the lot if the lot was bigger. Why the mad scramble to buy gas? UDF hadn't raised prices yet. They were at $2.82 per gallon while everyone else in town was at $3.05. I snapped a quick picture since the light was about ready to change.

Thank you big oil companies for gouging the public before the holidays. I hope you make it on Santa's naughty list.


The Ogre said...

YAY!! I bought petrol @ 530 this morning! So glad I stopped :O

Jessica said...

Thank you, God, that I filled up at 530 in the morning!