Friday, December 10, 2010

Flashback Friday # 117

Political correctness did not exist in this game

Welcome back one and all. In today's post we cover a game we played in school that would have the PC Police beside themselves today. I'm sure the game is still played today, but under a different name. What it's name is today, I have no clue. The game I am talking about is "Smear the Queer".

The rules are very simple. First you need a football. You throw said football. Everyone races to it. Whoever picks up the football becomes "The Queer" and everyone else tries to tackle, or "Smear" the ball carrier, hence the name.

Those of us who were manly men took the brunt of punishing tackles with a glint in our eyes and a grunt emanating from our lips. Many times it took three to four people to bring me down, with my low center of gravity and keen sense of balance. Those who lacked manliness would fling the football over their shoulder as soon as a would-be tackler breathed down their neck.

This game was a game for all seasons. You could play when it was sunny. You could play in the snow. You could even play in the rain (but what a mess). When we played it at school, in the snow, we had to sit the rest of the day in cold, wet pants.

We would play until lunch time was over, or until someone got hurt, whichever came first. If someone got hurt, the teacher would always say "I told you someone would get hurt roughhousing like that". Do people even use the word "roughhousing" anymore?

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Mrs Lemon said...

It was great to see it played at camp in the MUD :)