Friday, August 27, 2010

Flashback Friday # 102

The Sleepover

Welcome back, faithful readers. We again travel back into time to a bygone era that once enveloped me.

In last weeks post, we saw my older brother head off to the Army. Once he left, I made plans to take over his bedroom. World domination (at least the total control of the upstairs of the house). His room had all the amenities that mine didn't (closet, door, bed). I slept on a sleeper sofa before he moved out. He had a roll-away bed. It rapidly became mine.

Once I laid claim to his room, I was told that I couldn't lay claim to his stuff. I piled the closet floor with it. When he can home on leave, he could decide what he wanted & didn't. I rearranged to room to suit me.

After I was settled in, I asked Mom if I could invite a passel of Aunt Shelly's kids over to spend the night. Before time, I could have one of them over at a time. I wanted several over at the same time. She agreed.

I got on the phone and invited five of the cousins closest to me. Pork, Skeeter, Chawly, Munch & Tiny all got to come & spend the night with me. There was my new bed plus my old bed to sleep the six of us. They were used to sleeping many to a bed.

They came over and we played like a pack of Indians until it was time to get ready for bed. Mom shooed us upstairs and told us not to make too much noise. Six boys between the ages of 14 and nine should have no problem keeping quiet. We ate too many snacks & we stayed up until forever.

When we were ready to turn in, Munch took off his shoes & socks. Every eye in the room began to water. I've smelled road kill that smelled better. Remember, Munch was the one who got the bath in the front yard.

All I knew was that I couldn't stand another moment of that smell. I told Munch to open the window and put his shoes & socks on the roof beneath the windowsill. I then told him to close the window so the aroma couldn't waft in.

We all slept like we were in a coma. When we awoke we made quite the discovery. It had rained while we slept. Munch's shoes were soaked. They smelled like wet road kill. His brother told him to stop complaining. He would have to change his socks when he got home (something he didn't do very often).

We had a great time. We had kept the noise down to a quiet roar. My folks had no problems with us, so they agreed that we could do it again.

How about you? Do you have any sleepover stories that you're willing to share?

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