Friday, August 13, 2010

Flashback Friday # 100

Rebel Without A Cause

A warm greetings and a cheery hi-ho to all those who have clicked their browser my direction. As you have noticed, this little column, that I lovingly refer to as Flashback Friday, has hit the century mark. Did you think I would have lasted this long? No need to worry, Facebook isn't shutting this blog down.

Anyway, I saved #100 for a very special time in my life. Just as time has B.C and A.D., my life has B.A and A.A. I will explain those initials later (in next week's post). I was in the eighth grade, and my brother, Sir Gattabout was a Senior in high school. A big bad Senior.

My brother was bad alright. It wasn't enough that he tormented me throughout my life, he began to hang with a bad crowd of kids. Monkey see, monkey do. And boy was he full of monkey doo.

He had a car. He had a job. He paid for his own cigarettes.He had turned 18. He stayed out past curfew and sneaked into the house through the upstairs window. He skipped school. And while all this was going on, his friends continued to egg him on.

About mid-way through his Senior year, he and some of his friends decided that they were going to skip school and take a road trip. I think they were planning to go to a concert in Cleveland or Cincinnati. My parents caught wind of the scheme somehow and made sure he got to school. He had to find a way to get out. But what?

He decided that if he couldn't take the time off of school, he would make the school give him time off. With his cigs in his pocket, he headed off to the boys room (cue Brownsville Station's greatest hit right now). He said he was on his fourth cigarette before a teacher walked in and caught him smoking. He didn't deny it or anything, he suggested that they take a trip to the Principal's office. The teacher as in shock. Nobody ever volunteered to go to the Principal's office.

Once there, Gattabout was grilled by the Warden,er, Principal. "I understand that you were caught smoking in the restroom", said the Principal. "That's right. I get suspended for that, right?", Gattabout replied. The Principal answered" Under normal circumstances, smoking in the restroom is a three day suspension". Gattabout was filled with elation. He was going to get his time off. Then the Principal popped his bubble. "But this isn't normal circumstances." continued the Principal,"I think we'll let you off this time".

Let you off? LET YOU OFF? The words rang like a gong through my brother's hollow head. All his planning was for naught if he couldn't get off. Then he had an idea. A very bad idea.

"Let me off", he exclaimed, I don't think so". And with that, he fished out a smoke and lit up right in the Principal's office, and blew the smoke in the Principal's face. Needless to say, the principal wasn't impressed. "Three days suspension" he bellowed, "Starting Monday" (this was Thursday). " I don't think so", My brother shot back. "I'm starting it today". With that he strolled out of the school.

When Mom & Dad got home, there was storm clouds on the horizon. When they got there, Gattabout wasn't there. He was at a friend's house making ready for the road trip. They called the friend and told him to get home. He screamed at them over the phone and told them that they couldn't tell him what to do. When he finally came home (with friend in tow). Dad met him outside as he got out of his car.

He told Gattabout that as long as he lived under his roof that he would follow his rules. He would not be talking to his Mother that way, and he would get his school situation straighted out. All I know is that my momma didn't raise TWO stupid boys. Gattabout yelled at Dad and said "I told you that you can't tell me what to do". With that he balled up his fist and began to take a swing at Dad. Dad's fist shot out and connected on Gattabout's chin faster that a rattler strike. Gattabout dropped like he was pole axed. He was unconscious before he met the ground.

Well, His friend saw what happened (and I don't think he really believed it). He kind of acted like he was going to help out my brother when Dad roared "You wanna lay down there with him? Make one move and I take you out too." The friend unclenched his fists & backed away slowly, then skedaddled home. When Gattabout came to, there was a long talk.

To Be Continued...

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