Friday, August 6, 2010

Flashback Friday # 99

The Outhouse Came Tumbling Down

Hello my friends. Welcome back for another trip back into time. Are you ready? Lets begin.

Many of my long time readers know of the adventures in our old outhouse that we had turned into a clubhouse. Of how we had booby trapped it, redecorated it and nearly set fire to it. All good thing have to come to an end. Since we had indoor plumbing "the necessity" wasn't anymore. It had fallen into disrepair.

The outer wall that had contained a hallway/ entryway began to sag. This was a weight bearing wall that held up the roof. We tried everything we could think of to prop the wall up, but nothing worked. Dad decided that the outhouse must come down before someone got hurt.

In order to tear it down without getting hurt, Dad attached a chain to the wall and to our riding mower. He popped the clutch and ripped that wall right off. Once the wall fell, the roof came down too. We then went in with hammers to take out the remaining walls and what was left of the other side of the roof.

Once the outhouse was down, we had the task of dragging the pieces over to the burn pile. I was in favor of burning it right there, but there is a time & a place for everything. The large pieces were dragged by the mower while we boys carried the smaller ones. There was a great & glorious bonfire that was made from that old outhouse. Dad said he was going to put a storage shed where the outhouse stood. To this day it has never happened.

On a somewhat unrelated topic, today is Dad's birthday. If you know him, call him and say Happy Birthday. He'd get a kick out of that.

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