Monday, August 2, 2010

It's Bad Enough When...

How many of you put out bird seed in feeders? How many of you also have squirrels who raid your feeders? We do.

It's bad enough when a squirrel raids your bird feeder. It's even worse when they realize where you store the feed, and don't wait for it to get to the feeder. Here is a picture of the lid of the trash can that we keep on the front porch to keep bird seed in. The squirrels have chewed a hole in the lid:

Those little monsters (known around here as "tree rats") are constantly in the can gobbling up the seed. What is funny is when we hear the little boogers rustling in the can, if you pound on the window sill, they scramble out and climb the tree and squeak (cuss) at you. Here is a demonstration ( I cut it off before the squirrel cusses because this is a PG blog):


Jewel said...

"Cuss at you" LOL I am dying laughing here at the library after reading this! Your squirrels cuss at you, do they?
Imagining that reminds me of the old cartoon with the two little chipmunks, Chip and Dale and how they used to get all worked up and just chatter away! :-)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Ummm... I HATE squirrels with a PASSION!! Your video is certain to give me nightmares tonight!

Darn tree rats!!

Mrs. NB