Friday, January 8, 2010

Flashback friday #69

Bugsy Malone

Hi all. Welcome back for another edition of Flashback Friday.

In 7th grade, we were introduced to a current events magazine in English class called Read. This magazine contained stories about TV shows, movies and had play adaptations. In this magazine, I first heard about a most unusual movie.

This movie was called Bugsy Malone. What was so unusual about this movie was that it didn't contain a single adult. It is set in New York during the depression and delt with a gangster warfare between the gangs of Fat Sam and Dandy Dan.

Some of the kids that starred in this movie were never heard of again. Some had small parts in other movies and TV shows. Others became Fairly big stars. Scott Baio played the lead character and Jody Foster played Fat Sam's girlfriend, Tallulah.

"Hits" on rival gangs were done with cream pies and "splurge guns" that shot whipped cream globs. All of the vehicles in the movie were pedal powered. The "speakeasies" sold sarsaparilla.

I just had to see this movie. It sounded so cool. I talked dad into taking me and one of Aunt Shelly's kids to see it. He had no desire to watch it, so he dropped us off at the movie theatre and went to visit a friend while we were watching the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

When I grew up (some say I never have) I looked for the video of it for years. One day I spotted it at the video store. I watched it again after 20 years. It was still great. I thought about telling the video store that it got lost, but I did return it. For several years, I searched for it on ebay, but every time one showed up, the price went through the roof.

Last year, I found a movie lot that had it in it. They didn't advertise in the auction title that Bugsy Malone was one of the movies, so I got the lot pretty cheap. I've watched it several times since then.

If you ever fell like watching a quirky movie, I highly recommend it.

Did you ever see an advertisement for a movie as a kid that you just had to see?


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

That sounds like something my husband and boys would enjoy. We just might have to give it a try.

Mrs. NB

Lavender Chick said...

Bugsy Malone is a GREAT movie! I remember going with my bestest childhood friend, Dara, twice to see it. That was back in the day when kids walked to the Saturday matinee... Anyway, you took me down memory lane. Now I have to see if I can rent it somewhere!