Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Birthday @ McBurgers

As promised, here are the pics from "The Girl's" 1st. birthday party. Her parents (The Ogre & The Woodsman) reserved the play land at our local McBurgers to have it in.

"Where did all the kids go, they were here a minute ago?" She asked while looking into the play land tunnel.

"Oh, There they are!"

"You can't hide from me, I can see you!"

"Aw, Mom. I just wanted to greet the kids when they made it to the bottom of the sliding board."

"Let the feasting begin!"

"Mom, Do I have to keep this hat on? It's messing up my hair."

"Presents? For me? I like presents!" (There would have been more pictures of her opening her presents, which was hysterical, but she was so excited that I had to put the camera down and help keep her steady while she sat on the table and opened her gifts.)

"The peasants have no bread. Let them eat cake!" (She was placed in a "snuggie" type bib for this. A bib with arms, what a great invention.)

"I get ice cream too? Is this wonderful or what?" "OOH, finger freeze!"

"This cake is delicious, Mom. You should get the recipe."

"Was that great or what?"

"This has been my bestest birthday ever!"


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

She is precious!!!

Mrs. NB

Theresa said...

I just love the icing all over the face! She was having so much fun trying to keep her fingers clean & still get all the good stuff in her mouth.

The Ogre said...

Too bad you don't have the video of her trying to put the crumbs back on her plate when she was done with her cake.