Friday, November 1, 2013

Flashback Friday #245

It's My Party ad I'll...

Greetings to all. I have a special announcement to make. If you look in the "About Me" section, it no longer says that I am a 40 something year-old. Today, I hit the big 5-0. Since that is the case, I have a couple birthday stories to share with you that aren't long enough to make individual posts, but compiled, will do for today.

I could always remember when we moved into our big white house from the basement that we used to live in. I had gotten a birthday card that had a big 5 on it with a lion. I don't know what it was about that card, but I saved it for several years after. That means that we spent a total of 11 years in that house.

One year when I was fairly young. My paternal grandmother was going to make a birthday cake for me. She decided that she was going to make a coffee cake birthday cake (perhaps she didn't have the ingredients for icing?). All I knew was that I didn't like coffee, so having a cake that would taste like coffee wasn't appealing at all. I threw a fit until finally I got a real spanking for my birthday.

Lastly, on my 17th birthday, we had already moved from the house into the trailer. We were using the house for storage. Mom told me to go over to the house and get something (I don't remember what) out of her old bedroom. When I walked into that room. there stood a brand new ten-speed bike with a card on the seat with my name on it. Mom had bought a raffle ticket from a co-worker and won the bike earlier in the week. She figured that it would make a great birthday gift for me.

Doing the math, I've lived over 26 million minutes (not counting leap years). That sounds a lot older than 50 years.

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