Saturday, October 26, 2013

Flashback Friday #244

Mr. Instructor's Favorite Story

In my last post, I discussed the Driver's Ed class that I was taking. My Driver's Ed teacher, Mr. Instructor, had a story that he like to tell all his beginning students. To set the mood, I need to tell you that the driving part of our class lasted two hours. Each of the four students in the car got 30 minutes of drive time. that means the other 90 minutes were spent riding with two others in the back seat. We were supposed to observe, not to chat and especially not to disrupt the driver. A ride like that could make someone sleepy, and that's where this story comes in.

Mr. Instructor had told the back seat kids to quietly observe & listen to what he was saying to the driver. One of the students observed all he could, then began observing the backs of his eyelids. His light snore gave him away to Mr. Instructor.

Mr. Instructor told the driver and those awake in the back that he was going to slam his brake on and scream "Whatch out for that tree!" The driver was told to expect the car to lurch and to make sure it was kept in control. Those in the back were advised to hang tight. At the count of three the plan was to commence.

1...2...3 "WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE!" Skreech went the brakes. The guy in the back came awake rapidly and let out a scream. His scream was soon drowned out by the laughs of the others in the car.

He told us that story to advise us to remain alert while observing. None of us fell asleep during that class.

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