Saturday, October 12, 2013

Flashback friday #242

Kissing Your Sister

Hello. Once again I will either enthrall you with tales of a wild upbringing or bore you to sleep. Either way, here goes.

As you have read in earlier posts (and if you haven't read any earlier posts, you really should), my love live in the 10th grade was erratic to say the least. When Toni broke up with me, instead of venturing to new and better adventures, I chose to walk a path that was familiar. And Kelly was there to facilitate my every step.

Kelly not only had been "around the block", she had been around the entire city. She dated several guys in several different towns at the same time. I knew this going in, but desperation make you do strange things.

One day we were going to a semi-large city that was about 40 minutes away. We were going to see a movie or something. We wound up doing the something. We met one of Kelly's friends on the way and went to her house. There we met a girl that knew that Kelly had a boyfriend in that town and knew him well. She wanted to know what she was doing with me in tow.

Kelly quickly made up the story that I was her brother. Her real mother (she had been adopted) had given her up because she felt she was too young to care for a baby. Shortly thereafter, she got pregnant again and once again gave that baby up for adoption (that would be me). We only had recently discovered that we were sister and brother due to a geneology project we had to do for Social Studies. Believe it or not, they took the story hook, line & sinker.

Later, I asked her "Does it feel odd, kissing your brother?" Her reply was "Shut up and kiss me again."

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