Thursday, July 26, 2012

What I've been Doing

This has been Fair Week around here. I get home from my 7-3 job, change clothes and head off to park cars at 4. There have been a few funny moments this week.

The Girl got some sidewalk chalk in a recent kids meal. She decided to make a rainbow at the base of our tree out front so the squirrels would have something pretty to look at. LOL.

The position I attend at the Fair faces West and from 4-8PM has the sun in my eyes constantly. I have a pair of sunglasses from a previous pair of glasses that almost fit my current glasses. Sunday night, the were constantly falling off due to me being constantly in motion (If I'm sitting in the car driving, they're fine). I restored to taping them to my glasses to keep them in place. It may look dumb, but it works.

The next few pics are of vehicles I saw at the fair that I found interesting:

(this is a windshield wiper on a headlight)

Tonight, the clouds opened and rain fell in sheets. We waited the first hour of parking in the church's big box truck, due to it being too dangerous to be out in it. There was quite a bit of lightning to go with the rain. Once the rain stopped, We set out to park the fair goers. In the section that I man, we parked all of two cars before we were told we could go home. The storms had scared away most of the fair goers. Here is a picture of the big field.

And this is the section where I was at. There were less than 20 cars there. The night before, it was very nearly full.

I'll be posting my latest installment of Flashback Friday tomorrow night, after the fair.

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