Friday, July 13, 2012

Flashback Friday # 193

The Main Antagonists of Miss Blunova.

Welcome back. I see that you've decided to stop by once again (What? You came here by accident? Or could it simply be that you got here because it's Friday the 13th? I'm sorry, but I hope you have more accidents like this in the future. I'm always glad when someone stops by).

As I promised (or would that be more along the lines of threatened?) in my last FF post, I'm here to tell you about the three main antagonists of Miss Blunova. I wasn't the best of students, but I did nothing near as bad as these kids did.

We'll begin with ladies first (although she didn't act anything like a lady). Meg was a tomboy through & through. Stocky & athletic, she was no one to trifle with. Being a member of the volleyball & softball team didn't deter her from terrorizing the new teacher. She would say to Miss Blunova, several times during class, "Oh, Shut up!" All of her answers, when called upon, were smart-alecky. She decided, one night to pay Miss Blunova a visit at home. Under the cover of darkness, she snuck up behind her car and began putting sugar in the gas tank. I don't know if Miss Blunova spotted her, or a neighbor did, but the police were called and Meg was nabbed. I know she was punished, but I don't think it involved lost times for any of the sports teams. She was that good.

Next we have Raul. If you looked up the word "antisocial" in the dictionary, there would be a picture of him beside it. I'm thinking he was bi-polar or manic depressive. He was just plain nuts. One day, he brought in a grasshopper that he had killed at lunch. While everyone was filing into class, he stuffed it into her electric pencil sharpener, that she kept on her desk. While we were taking a quiz, she was doing something in the grade book and needed to sharpen her pencil. When the pencil came out, it had a grasshopper leg attached to it. Miss Blunova totally freaked out. Another time, he brought in some Limburger cheese. He removed the liner from her trashcan and smeared the Limburger on the inside of the can, then replace the liner. When she walked in, she made a face that was something off The Little Rascals. She turned the room upside down trying to figure out where that smell was coming from. I think the janitor found it later that day.

However, nobody antagonized Miss Blunova like Arnold. Arnold was voted class clown. His older sister and younger brother were also voted class clowns in their respective graduating class. Arnold was much like Robin Williams. You never knew what was going to happen next. Once he decided to stick entire sheets of paper in his mouth and keep them there until they were really mushy. They would then be flung at the chalkboard while Miss Blunova was writing, or up at the ceiling to see if they would stick (which they did). Another time he brought several freshly sharpened pencils to class. One by one they were flipped into the air and stuck into the ceiling tiles.

His worst offence dealt with pennies. He brought in a bulging pocket full of pennies. A handful would go, into his mouth and get all drooley. When Miss Blunova would write something on the board, they would go flying toward the front of the class. He did this three times before she turned and caught him in the act of putting the pennies in his mouth. She marched over and held out her hand and demanded that he turn over the pennies immediately. He did exactly what she asked. Before she could react, he had filled her hand with saliva coated coins. While she was cleaning off her hand, the main librarian (who was in her 60's) came in pushing the video cart. When she saw the pennies all over the front of the room the exclaimed with delight "Pennies! I want some of those." with that she made haste to gather up as many as she could while the class howled with delight.

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