Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Trip To "Cheezy Rodent"

Friday I played hookey from work and my wife & I made a trek down to Kentucky. We took my truck, which rarely leaves town. We were going to pick up two armchairs from my oldest daughter, Lady Lemon. It also gave us a chance to get some "Lemon squeezings" from our grandkids.

We were going to spend Friday night & return home on Saturday. Once we got there, we discovered that Prince Zesty & Princess Pinky had been invited to a birthday party at "Cheezy Rodent" (for those new to my blog, I don't like to use real names. I think you can figure out where we went).

Zesty was off to the races with tokens in hand. My daughter was able to keep up with Pinky for a few minutes, but due to "circumstances", tired out quickly. Grabbing a handful of tokens, I set out to try to keep up with a two year old that could wear out the Energizer bunny.

When she sat down on a ride, I was able to snap off a few pictures.


MotherT said...

And once again, the grandkids decided that Papa is one of their favorite playmates!

Liz said...

Let it be recorded that she picked out her shiniest shoes to go to a party with Nana and Pawpaw :) Zachary asked if we were going to Chucker Jesus again haha!!!