Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All Dads of Daughters Need This

Parenting Fails: Are You Willing to Risk Death and Dismemberment?


MotherT said...

It's a really good thing that you didn't find this while our girls were in the dating thing. God help our grand daughters!

Jewel said...

This is sooo funny!!! The boys that my sisters and I were interested when were terrified of our dad. :-) And we never could figure out why they felt that way. Seriously! But, if any boy wanted to date us, they had to come to the house, knock on the door, come inside and meet our parents. When they came to get us for a date, they could not just honk the horn for us to come out! They had to come to door, knock, come in and say hello to everyone, then we would be able to leave. AND my parents were not christians, though they were good, moral people. They brought us up right! :-)