Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweet Tea & Laughs

I told my wife this funny story about a conversation with "The Boy" on Monday.

On Mother's Day, my parents & their aide, my brother & his wife and the Ogre & family all got together here for a family gathering. Mom wanted to provide all the food, and we provided drinks. We had sodas, sweet tea, sweet mint tea, and unsweetened tea (since my brother doesn't like sweet tea, like we do).

On Monday I picked up The Boy from school. As we got home, he went into the kitchen for a snack. As he took a pitcher of tea out of the refrigerator, I was asked the following questions:

The Boy: "Papa, is this the regular tea?
Me: Yes.
The Boy: Regular sweet tea?
Me: Yes
The Boy: With sugar?
Me: Yes.
The Boy: Oh good. I had some tea yesterday that didn't have any sugar in it. It was nasty.

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