Saturday, May 7, 2011

Date Night

Last night Lady Nottaguy-TYG & I had the opportunity to go out on a date. Alone. This doesn't happen very often. She had already purchased a restaurant gift card from a fundraiser. Then, a few days ago, she won two tickets to the local college's presentation of "The King & I"

We went to dinner, which was very good. We finished with about 30 minutes until the doors open for the play. The college was five minutes away. We sat & chatted while we waited. I suggested that we smooch, but that idea was shot down.

When we got inside, we discovered that the ticket we had were in the ideal spot for viewing. They were about 3/4 of they way back in the first section of seating, right smack in the middle. There was only one problem. The seats must have been purchased from a renovation of a large elementary school. They made airline seats look large. This made them very uncomfortable for anyone larger than a size 4. I think they could have been used to extract information from GITMO detainees.

But I digress. We arrived early enough to watch the orchestra warm up. It brought back memories of watching my kids in High School band. I had never been to a musical with live orchestration.

When the King of Siam made his appearance, the first thing I said to my wife was "He has hair". If you have ever seen the Rogers & Hammerstein classic, you know the king was played by Yul Brynner, who is bald. Never the less, the student playing the king was wonderful, excellent, phenomenal etcetera, ectetera, ectetera...

The musical ended a few minutes before 11 PM. Those who know us, know that is past our bedtime. We came home and crashed after a marvelous night out.

The next morning, I submitted this picture to "So Much Pun"

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