Friday, May 6, 2011

Flashback Friday #135

Someone At Madison Ave. Was Really Doing Their Job Right.

Greetings one & all. I've been hashing this post around for a while, and since I can't think of another topic, here goes.

Seeing that I watched a numerous amount of TV as a child (some would say too much), I also watched a vast amount of commercials. This was a time even before VHS (gasp) so you were at the mercy of the networks. But in order for the networks to stay on, commercial airtime must be sold. Here are a few that are memorable.

I remember when Keebler cookies first came out. The jingle on the commercial sounded like this (and this is from memory)

Man, You never would believe where those Keebler cookies come from.

They're baked by magic elves in a hollow tree.

And what do you think makes those crackers so uncommon?

They're baked in magic ovens and there's no factory.

I remember this so well because every time this commercial would come on, Mom would come unglued. "That's false advertisement.", she would holler.

Who could ever forget "Mikey" from the Life cereal commercials (I love Life cereal). I also liked the commercial when cinnamon Life first came out. The camp counsellor says "Eat up men, it's good for you." One of the kids looks at another and says "Good for you, Bet it taste yucky." I use that line all the time

If I had a dollar for ever commercial that I ever watched, Bill Gates would look like a pauper compared to me. Even now, 30-40 years later some of them are forever etched into my brain

Here a little quiz to see if you know any of the sponsors. Just fill in the blanks. No peeking at the answers.

1)_______ lets the good times roll.

2)________ coffe is moutain grown.

3)Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie _________.

4)Follow the leader, he's on a _____.

5)Please don't squeeze the _______.

6)Put the milk on _____ _______, eat 'em all up.

7)Oh yeah, ________, wipes out thirst.

8) Have a ______ and a smile.

9)______ puts more snack in your break.

10)_______, the quicker picker-upper.

Answers: 1) Kawaski, 2) Foldgers 3)Chevrolet 4) Honda 5) Charmin 6) Kellog Corn Flakes 7) Kool-Aid 8) Coke 9) Summit bars (a now defunct candy bar) 10) Bounty

Is there a commercial that you just can't get out of your head?

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