Monday, May 17, 2010

Pictures to share with you

I was cleaning out the inbox on my phone today (yes, that was an audible gasp you just heard from Lady Nottaguy-TYG and The Ogre)and thought I would share some recent grand child pictures with you.

Here is a shot of Princess Pinky on the famous "red couch".

And here's another, that shows us a better side of her.

Here is Princess Splenda holding her sweet little sister.

Here is a picture of Prince Zesty spending the gift card he got from us for his birthday. Just like his momma, he likes to shop.

Here's a picture of "The Girl". Mommy like to put fancy headbands on her.

And here is a pic of her older brother "The Boy" working hard on his "SS Magnum 410". This picture cracks me up because I did the same thing at his age.

Here is a picture of Miss A helping out in the kitchen.

This is her brother, Master J, holding a bookmark he made by sewing buttons on it.

This is her other brother, Master H (he's the youngest in their family), sporting a pair of shades that would make Elton John envious.

And for those who missed it on her daddy's blog, or my wife's blog, here is a picture of "Ninja Baby".


Theresa said...

Remind me to send you some pics of Miss A, J and H. And have Mrs. Lemon send you a pic of Splenda. Then your album will be complete.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Thank you for said pics.

Jewel said...

I looove the picture of Pinky sleeping on the red sofa AND the other one, too, but the one on the red sofa is sooo adorable!
You have some cute grandchildren, Sir!! :-)