Sunday, May 30, 2010

In Search of the Elusive Cup

Last night began the greatest (in my humble opinion) championship series in sports. The Stanley Cup Finals. Unlike any other championship trophy, each player gets to take the trophy home with him for a day. Players so reverence "The Cup" that they will not touch it unless they have hoisted it over their head after winning the playoffs.

This year's participants are a pair of teams who haven't won "The Cup" in a long time. The Chicago Blackhawks haven't won a Stanley Cup in my lifetime. The last won it in 1961. The Philadelphia Flyers last won it in 1975.

There should be quite a bit of scoring, as neither team is known for it's outstanding goal tending. Neither team is currently using the goalie that it started the season with. Both teams have good goal scorers, gritty players and guys who will take one for the team.

Some team's futility will end at the completion of this series. May the best team win.

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