Monday, May 10, 2010

How can you turn down an offer like that?

Yesterday, for Mother's Day, the family met at my house. My Mom & Dad (plus their live in caretaker), my nearly 90 year old MIL, and my brother & his wife all congregated here to eat a meal that Mom prepared and transported here (she loves to cook, but has a small house).

After we ate more than we should have, we all sat in the living room and talked. Dad was telling some stories about when he was at a nursing home, recovering from heart surgery. Not to be outdone, my MIL had to pipe up about some of the goings on at her nursing home.

I interject this to say, anything my MIL says, my Dad twists in such a way that eventually my MIL is turning four shades of red. My MIL is so naive, that she doesn't realize how something is going to sound, even after she says it.Dad has always teased her, and it isn't until she is neck deep in the hole does she realize to throw down the shovel.

Anyway my MIL said to my Dad, "If you want to have a fun & entertaining night, you need to come spend the night with me". Needless to say, Dad was on this like white on rice. "Sounds good to me, lets set a date.", He says. "A date for what?" she asked. "For me to spend the night with you.", he replies. "You can't spend the night with me" she says, I only have one bed". He shot back "That's all we'll need."

By this time the rest of the family is HOWLING. She continued for another few minutes, digging her hole deeper & deeper. Every time she utters something, Dad had a comeback for it. She finally told him "You twist everything I say, why don't you just shut up."

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Mrs Lemon said...

That's awesome. She's such an easy target :)