Friday, May 28, 2010

Flashback Friday #89

You Ate What?

A warm welcome to all who have allotted the 1.375 minutes of their day to read the ramblings of an old man as he looks over his shoulder. In today's post I take a peek back at some of the products that used to be on grocer's shelves, that I, as a youth, consumed (at one point or another). You may have never heard of these things, but they all are (or were) real items.

Quisp: This was a sweetened corn cereal similar to Captain Crunch. We were ecstatic when Mom would bring Quisp home. The cartoon mascot was a little alien wearing a propeller beanie. There was also a companion cereal, whose mascot was an astronaut (I don't remember the name, help anyone?) I do remember that shortly before it left the marketplace, it became orange flavored (kind of like Tang).

Baron Von Raspberry & Sir Grapefellow: These were also sweetened breakfast cereals. They were kind of like Frankenberry, only raspberry and grape flavored. The mascots were WWI flying aces (Von Raspberrywas German, Grapefellow was British) that flew bi-planes. I could never make up my mind which was my favorite, so Mom usually bought a box of each.

Freakies: Another sweetened cereal that showed up around our house. The mascots were nine(?) monster/creatures that lived in a tree. You got one free inside each box. I wanted to get the whole set, but never succeeded.

Frute Brute: This was yet another sweetened cereal. It was in the Frankenberry/Count Chocula/Booberry family. The mascot was a werewolf that loved fruit flavors.

Koogle: This was flavored peanut butter. There were three different flavors: chocolate, carmel & banana. Some people thought it was gross. I loved it.

Marathon: This was a chocolate coated caramel candy bar. What was different about it was that it was very thin and criss-cross weave. You could freeze it and break it into little pieces to share with a lot of kids, or you could eat it at room temperature and have a gooey mess by the time you finished. The ad stated "Marathon, lasts a good long time".

Chelsea: This was a soda pop manufactured by Anheiser-Busch. It was apple flavored and looked just like beer when you poured it into a glass. It even came in amber bottles. We always pretended that it was beer when we had it. It wasn't on the market for long.
PDQ: This was a milk additive similar to Nestle's Quik. The big difference was it was granular, instead of a powder. It came in three flavors: chocolate, strawberry & eggnog. Mom got after us for eating spoonfuls straight out of the jar. We also used it as an ice cream topping.

Barrelhead:This was a root beer with the biggest, foamiest head that I have ever seen. For those of us who like to slurp off the foam from our root beers, it was matchless. We once shook up a can so much that when we opened it, it shot over the telephone wire leading to the house.

Is there anything you used to enjoy that is no longer around?

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