Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Great Chicken Wing Shortage

The global financial crisis may have claimed another victim: the Buffalo wing. The city of Buffalo, NY--the birthplace of the spicy chicken wing--and other parts of Western New York appear to be in the midst of a Buffalo wing shortage.

Local food suppliers say that the Buffalo Wings supply has dropped, causing the price of wings to skyrocket. A 50-pound supply of hot wings has increased as much as $20, a cost that restaurants may soon pass on to the customer.The wholesale price per pound of chicken wings has exceeded the price per pound of chicken breast for the first time in history. It has become more cost efficient for restaurants to offer "boneless wings", chicken breasts that have been cut up and covered in sauce. The price increase is so frustrating that restaurants and consumers have had enough and are calling for a Chicken Wing Boycott on January, 26th.

The Buffalo wing shortage is being caused by two things: supplies were reduced after Pilgrim’s Pride, a huge poultry farm in Texas, filed for bankruptcy protection last month. Also, this time of year is usually when chicken wings are most in demand due largely to the holidays and the Super Bowl. Football and chicken wings go together like baseball and apple pie.

Simply put, decreased supply and increased demand equals one big Buffalo Wing shortage. No word yet on the state of the nation's supply of celery and blue cheese dressing.


Theresa said...

The wing shortage really doesn't pose a problem for me, I never have liked the wing of any creature.

Jewel said...

Well, I like wings but I think they charge a ridiculous price for them already for the amount of meat that is on them. So, even now, if I order them I get the "fake" ones 'cause there is MORE meat. *smile*
AND I don't make wings because it is sooo much work...AGAIN...because there just isn't enough meat on them to make it worth it!
*big sigh*
Okay, I'm done. *grin*