Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keep your fingers crossed

Were back (I think, I hope, I plead). Due to this being a PG blog, I can't describe here what I would like to do to the people who spend their life creating viruses.

Lady Nottaguy-TYG, on the other hand has the perfect punishment for them. When they are caught, and sent to prison, let the punishment fit the crime. Since they enjoy so much taking technology out of other peoples hands, they get none while in prison. No TV, no computer, no radio, no phone, no nothing. If they want to contact someone, they must write a letter. If they are bored, they can read a book, play a board game or play cards. Is it cruel? Yes. Is it unusual? Yes. Should we allow it anyway? Absolutely.


Jewel said...

Welcome back, Sir! And as for the punishment of prison inmates...I'm with ya! If they knew that they were truly going to have to face hard labor and so on, I believe prison crowding wouldn't be a problem! Don't get me started on the death penalty!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

WELCOME BACK!! Can't wait for Flashback Friday!

Mrs. Nurse Boy