Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Where ya been?

I know of at least one person has asked this question. Ever since Google decided to "make improvements" on blogger, I've had a rough time getting a post up. As it was, it took me seven minutes from the time I put up the title until I could type what you're reading.

It's not only that, it's been really busy here. We've worked overtime (which is good for the checkbook, not so good for computer time), parked cars at the county fair, worked the sweetcorn festival and spent lots of time in the doctor's office (I had a nasty fall at work and sprained my shoulder and strained my neck, other shoulder, thorax, lower back and hips).

I know I've let you down with no Flashback Friday for two months, but perhaps I'll get my blogging mojo back and we'll pick it up again.

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MotherT said...

Thanks! Love you, Sweetie!