Saturday, September 21, 2013

Failure At Parenting

Former NFL player Brian Holloway (no, not the former Ohio Bible quizzer) won't forget Labor Day 2013 any time soon. While he was at his home in Florida, 300 teens decided to break into his vacation home in upstate NY and party. Before the police could break up the party, over $20,000 in damage was done to the home.

It was bad enough that the teens nearly destroyed the house, most of the also posted pictures of themselves on social media sites while doing it. That's where Mr. Holloway became proactive. Armed with the social media evidence, he began to identify the teens and post their names along with the pictures they took. All that evidence is going to the Sheriff's department.

Here's the kicker. Several of the parents of the teens have threatened him. They're angered that he posted the pictures. Excuse me, didn't the kids post them first? I know if I had done anything like that, I would have been a senior citizen before I could sit down again.

He tried to be nice and posted an invitation to all the teens to come help him clean up. Zero showed up. However, six teens that weren't involved did. Perhaps there's some hope for the future generation.

You can read the full story here

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