Monday, March 5, 2012

Smart Phone Isn't Too Smart

For our 27th anniversary, my wife got me a smart phone. I'm trying to be a smart user, but at times the phone makes it difficult, especially the text messaging part of it.It's like a child who aways tries to finish my sentences. I make sure I read everything before I hit "send".

We picked up my daughter last Saturday. My wife sent her a text before we left the house. When we got there, she wasn't quite ready because she said she hadn't received the text. I attempted to send the message "She didn't get your text". What the phone typed was She didn't heterosexual"

Yesterday, I sent a text to my assistant Sunday School teacher to ask "Did you copy the fish picture that I gave you?". Instead, it wrote"Did you copy the fish picture that I blocked?"

Finally, and the most funny (in my opinion), My assistant teacher sent me a text saying that she & her son were both sick and would not be at church. Please pray for us. I was going to send the message "K. I will pray for you." The phone typed out "K. I will pray for a monkey."


MotherT said...

Stupid auto-correct!

Jewel said...

Hilarious!! LOL While the auto-complete/correct is funny, I believe I would be turning it off!! :-)