Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday # 177

Mrs. Grimm

Welcome one & all. It's good to see you again. (Actually I can't see you, I can only see my monitor, but I have a great imagination.)

Mrs. Grimm worked at the tile factory that Mom worked for. In fact, before she retired, she held the job that Mom had when the truck drivers would give her boxes of candy. She was one of the nicest ladies that I had ever met.

When I was but a wee lad, any time she would get a prize in a box of cereal, she would give it to Mom to give me. That was really cool because we rarely had cereal with prizes in them. What fun is a box of cereal if it only has cereal inside it?

When I got a little older, she gave me something a little better than cereal prizes. Football tickets. Not any football tickets, but tickets to The Ohio State University. I was going to see the beloved Buckeyes! She & her husband were season ticket holders, and were going to be out of town, so she asked Mom if she thought I might want to go instead. They were against perennial doormat, Northwestern, but none-the-less, they were Ohio State tickets.

Dad & I went and the Buckeyes put the beating on the Wildcats. We sat close to the student section and there was one co-ed who has a loudspeaker and tried to whip the fans into a frenzy. It really wasn't needed and was somewhat annoying. I wrote Mrs. Grimm a nice thank you letter when I got home.

When someone sees that you are grateful for something that they've done for you, they just might do it again. That's exactly what she did. The following year, she & her husband were going out of town on a home date for the Buckeyes. She gave Mom their tickets again. Dad & I got to see Ohio State & SMU battle it out. It was a horrid day to watch a football game. It was rainy all day. The field was a mud pie. The teams wound up tying.

When she announced that she was retiring, I was saddened by the news. The last I heard, she & her husband had become snowbirds, flying away to Florida for the winter.

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