Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Can't Believe They Stole The Church Van

This morning, as we were gathering at church for our Sunday school teachers meeting at 9AM, the morning van driver asked if I had seen the turtle top van. Our turtle top van is an older handicap van that has a wheelchair lift. It has body and mechanical issues, but it's the only way for some to get to church. It wasn't on the church grounds. He thought that another driver may have taken it out, so he picked up our two Sunday morning handicapped folks in his car.

As the morning progressed, our pastor had asked everyone who drives a van, Sunday or Wednesday, if they had taken the van out. Nobody had. He then called the police. He then asked, over the pulpit, if anyone spotted it (it stands out like a sore thumb), to let him know.

As church was letting out, and folks were going home, one of our members spotted it at the seediest motel in town. Pastor called the police and met them over there. When the police arrived, they looked at the van, and started laughing. "They stole THAT!" was there exclamation.

Whoever had stolen it had busted out the ignition switch and forced a screwdriver into the opening and drove off with it. It was fortunate that the Wednesday driver hadn't put gas in it before or after his route. The gas gage was on "EMPTY" when it was found. I know how much gas was in there when I left it Sunday night. If nothing was put in it, it wouldn't have had much left in the tank when it was stolen on Saturday.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

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