Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I knew what it was and my wife knew what it was...

Tonight, "The Boy" was creating a new type of animal that is amphibious and can also live in extreme desert climates. In the car, he was asking our help to come up with a name for it. In order to properly name it, we had to know a little more about it. This conversation ensued:

The Boy: It's about the size of a rhinoceros.

Me: Well, that shoots down the idea of arid skimmer. Rhinos don't skim anything.

Wife: The way you were describing it, i didn't think it was that big.

The Boy: Well, it perhaps isn't that big. It could be smaller.

Me: Is it bigger than a bread box?

The Boy: Yes, At least the body without the legs...Wait, What's a bread box? I've never seen bread come in a box before, only bags.

With that, my wife explains what a bread box is while I try to keep the car on the road while snuffling guffaws.


Mrs Lemon said...

amphibious and extreme desert climates - this animal must be waiting for Arizona to become beach front property

MotherT said...

No, Mrs. Lemon, it's so that it can survive flash floods, as well as extreme temperature fluctuations. You have to admit, he's got a great imagination!