Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fun Times With 'The Girl"

Last Thursday, "The Boy" had his first band lesson as part of 5th grade band. Lady Nottaguy-TYG (aka Nana) accompanied him to practice in the High School (with Lady Lemon & The Ogre's 5th grade/Middle School band director). I got to keep an eye on "The Girl" outside.

When you're 2 1/2, the world is a mighty big place and there's still lots to learn. We started off walking along the parking lot. She noticed some dandelions in the grass and had to pick them. We then went on a concerted hunt for more.

I sent this picture to her Momma (aka "The Ogre") and her Momma sent back the text "Momma had a baby and it's head popped off". I had to show her how that was done. She laughed and said "Agin". So I did it again and again. I taught her the song:

Since we had popped all the yellow dandelions we found, she found some white fuzzy ones and blew the seeds into the air. She also waved them around to send the seeds flying. During this time, she learned a valuable lesson, Don't blow dandelions against the wind. She had some of the seeds fly back into her mouth and she was most displeased. "Uck, she says.

We then wandered around and came to a section of chain link fence. She had the best time passing leaves and sticks through the fence to me. Not far from there was a puddle that we took turns tossing stick & rocks in. While doing this, she found a rock that became "her baby" and she cradled it as we walked back toward the school. While we were waiting for "The Boy" & Nana to come out, she made blankies for her baby out of leaves while I sat nearby on a bench.

Just as we all were heading to the car, it began it rain. I'm glad I had a chance to have some outside time with her before the rains set in.

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