Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Mumblings

I have been a bad boy and not posted much of anything or commented on your blogs.Shame on me! You don't realize how much that working one extra hour a day, then half a day Saturday can absolutely drain you after you've done it for several weeks in a row. I'm just plain whooped.

Between work & going down every night to work at the Sweetcorn Festival, I figured I put in approximately 80 hours.

Last week was a mere 48. The extra hours looks good on your paycheck though it leaves the brain a bit fuzzy.

We had a new hiree start work the other day. He work a shirt that said "Warning, I have placed myself in chains" on the first day. Seems to me to be a great way to endear your new bosses & supervisors.

We had a gal who was sent home for falling asleep on the job. One of her co-workers who was on vacation mentioned that she posted on Facebook after she was sent home. Too tired to work, but not too tired to surf the web? Hmm.

I would like to go down to my eldest daughter's new house this Saturday, but I've got the feeling that they will require us to come in for three hours on Saturday. Wouldn't that just wreck your Saturday morning?

I will be picking up "The Boy" from school every day the rest of the week. I have some work for him to do for me after he gets his homework done. Mean ol' Grampa! When he finishes the work, he get a new DS game we bought for him. Goody goody.

I love the weather this time of year, but it has one drawback. I always forget to bring my jacket home from work. Maybe tomorrow I will leave the one I wear in the truck and bring the other one home.

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