Friday, September 10, 2010

Flashback Friday # 104


A warm fuzzy welcome to those who take the few moments to read the drivel that I post.

It the last few posts, I've discussed the strategic take-over of my brother's bedroom after he enlisted in the Army. His room became my room and I took full advantage of the stuff he left behind. It is an object in which he did not have in his room that I write about today.

About the time my brother moved out, my aunt was moving back in with her mother (my paternal grandmother in Westerville). During this move, she had a small black & white TV that she no longer wanted. We didn't need it, but Dad brought it home for me to put in my room. My own TV!

It's surprising how many people have never watched black & white TV. They've seen old movies, but the concept of watching "Dancing With The Stars" or "American Idol" in anything but vibrant color is completely foreign to them. I used to laugh when watching NBC, and the peacock would come on. The announcer would say "And now, in living color" and the peacock would spread it's feathers, shown in vibrant shades of gray. I didn't care. Black & white was fine for me. It was mine. Mine. Mine.

When we got it upstairs, which was easy because it was smaller than your computer monitor, we set it on an old end table that I had salvaged. It was octagonal in shape with a door that opened beneath. Since we didn't have a set of rabbit ear antenna for it, we attached a coat hanger to the antennae and it got pretty good reception. In fact, it got better reception than the TV downstairs. My TV picked up PBS, where the one downstairs got only ABC, NBC & CBS. Maybe we should have put a coat hanger on it instead of the large, rotating antennae it had?

When Mom & Dad wanted to watch "Hee Haw" or some other show that posed for entertainment that a young teen has no interest in, I would venture upstairs to see if there was anything better on. I had no remote, no color, no antennae and no big picture, but I had TOTAL CONTROL of what was on. What teenager doesn't like total control over some part of their life?

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