Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Good Looking Brother

The other day at our local "Eat-til-you-explode" buffet, we sat in the section that was being manned by my brother's favorite server. He probably has frequent diner points at this particular resturant. When you server knows you by name, only because you eat there, not because they know you outside of work, you eat there alot.

She made the connection, by talking to my wife, that I was my brother's brother. I, in jest, replied "I'm the good looking one". She thought for a moment, and agreed.

I couldn't let this go by. Immediatly I whipped out my phone and sent a text to my brother. People make fun of the way I text. I am a text affictionado compared to my brother. To be nice to him, and so he would understand what I was writing, I spelled everything out AND used proper puncuation (shocking, isn't it?). This is what I sent him: I have it on good authotity that I am the good looking brother. Your favorite waitress at your favorite resturant told me so. Nyah nyah na nyah na. :-)>

His reply: She drinks a lot.


Mrs Lemon said...


Did you get that after dinner mint? I said that to Zesty the other day, he laughed. Only because he laughs at everything I say.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

LOVE your brother's response. Ha!

Mrs. NB