Saturday, February 6, 2010

You've Got Snow!

That's what the weather would have said if it was like an e-mail alert. We got snow, and lots of it. Somewhere around seven inches. It started shortly before I got off work yesterday, and was still snowing when I ventured out to shovel about 9 AM this morning. I wouldn't mind snow if it would stay off the roads, sidewalks and driveways. Alas, snow is no respecter of persons. The rain we got with our January thunderstorm two weeks ago was more to my liking. You don't have to shovel rain. Here's a picture of our car before I cleaned it off:

Just kidding, This happened somewhere in Eastern Europe. Here is the real picture of our car:

Believe it or not, there is a red PT Cruiser hiding under there. It took a while to find it.

This is the street in front of our house around Noon. We have had maybe a dozen vehicles go past our house. NONE of them have been a snowplow yet. When the plow does go by, I'll have to dig the driveway out again. Oh, for a magic wand.

Here's a picture of the big tree in the back yard. If you look real close, you will notice 2-2 1/2 inches of snow balanced on the top of the chain link fence. When it snows so much that many of the links in your fence are filled in, it has snowed a lot.

Later in the day when I was on my 4th shift of shoveling, the sun was shining bright. I'll say it again, If you don't like Ohio weather, stick around a while, it'll change.


Mrs Lemon said...

I shoveled our walk today (I am woman, hear me roar)

Jewel said...

Yep, you got snow alright! :-) And lots of it! I'm so thankful for husbands who will shovel and clear the snow for their families! :-) We do appreciate you both!!! :-)