Friday, February 12, 2010

Flashback Friday #74

School Valentines Day Parties

A grand welcome back to all (both) of my readers. While spending some time with my grand son this week, we got to talking about Valentines, since his party is today (Friday). Last year I picked up some Valentines at a large major drug store at a severe clearance price. I bought three boxes of "manly" valentines so he could chose which ones he wanted. I spent less than a buck and made him very happy. (BTW- He chose Transformers over DC Super Heroes & Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles)

But I digress. I was taking to him about the valentines we had when I was his age, and the parties that went along with them. His valentines are about the size of a business card, and you fold them over and seal them with a sticker. I told him that some of the valentines I had were nearly the size of a paperback book, and they all came with their own envelopes. Each box also came with a large "Teacher" card. The only cartoon characters I can remember being on them was Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny.

That was if you went with the store bought cards. I can remember making, and receiving homemade cards made of construction paper. Remember when you first figured out how to cut a heart from a folded sheet of paper? The fancy cards had peppermint or cinnamon hard candies taped or glues to the center of them.

I always felt sorry for Charlie Brown. In his class, you only had to give valentines to the people you liked. He never got any. In my classes, a list of all the students was sent home, and you made a valentine out for everyone (even the little girl that had a crush on you, and you thought she was gross). One year, our spelling test was the valentine's name list. We had one kid who had an Eastern European last name (Polish I think) that only he got right on the test.

In giving valentines to everyone, that meant you got valentines from everyone (including the crushy girl). What did you put them in to take them home? Surely you remember decorating an old shoe box? Since shoe boxes weren't always available, I also used cereal and oatmeal boxes (I guess, technically, oatmeal is cereal too).

Who can forget the munchies that the parents sent in for the parties. Pink iced sugar cookies. Cupcakes with conversation hearts on them. Rice krispie treats with cinnamon hearts mixed in. We are talking major sugar buzz here.

What do you remember about school Valentine's Day parties?


Jewel said...

Oh, but I remember well the shoebox valentine holders! :-) That was so much fun! And yes, we did have to give valentines to everyone in class, not just to who we wanted to give them to and that is just how it should have been!
Oh and I do remember all of the sugary treats! Oh my! Iced sugar cookies are still my faves!
I love reading about you and DR and your adventures and experiences, Sir! You are such an awesome grandpa!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Bruiser just finished his shoebox last night! We did all of that, too. I always thought Valentine's Day was fun... but I often worried about the saying on each a every card. I never wanted anyone to read too much into them.

I am not a fan of the little cards without envelopes that the kids have today. However, my kids seem to think they are just fine.

Mrs. NB

the Ogre said...

my favorite memories are of the cupcakes that Brandie D's mom always sent in. They always came from Big Bear and the icing was atleast as tall as the cupcake. A perfect buttercream icing. I was ALWAYS willing to eat the icing for the people who hated it...Maybe that's why I must closely watch my glucose now...