Friday, November 27, 2009

Flashback Friday #63

Black Friday Edition

A cheery "hi" to all. If you are reading this, you have either finished your Black Friday shopping, or like my wife, refuse to go out into the madness. I'm just nuts, what else can I say.

In today's post, I will relate to you some of the mishaps that occurred with me while shopping when I was young. These are things you DON'T want you child to do to you on Black Friday, or any other day.

Once while shopping with Mom, I split away from her, and told her that I would be in the toy department. I didn't realize that we weren't planning on spending the day at the store. On the way to the toys, something distracted me (a TV in electronics or something. I'm still easily distracted, just ask my wife.) What ever it was had me mesmerized. I never made it to toys. My Mom came up behind me, grabbed my arm and said "I've been looking everywhere for you." I wasn't allowed to wander off for a while.

Another time, I did make it to the toy department. Mom had finished her shopping, and came to get me. She looked down each aisle to no avail. What she didn't know, was that I was indeed in the toy department, but I was looking at something on one of the end caps, and you couldn't see me just by looking down the aisle. When I finished, I moved on, only to have Mom pounce upon me again with the "I've looked everywhere for you". I tried to explain to her that I was in the toys all along, but she wouldn't have any of it, seeing that she had looked down all the aisles.

The last story deals with buying something sight unseen. We were looking for a new pair of gym shoes for me in elementary school. Mom spotted a couple boxes up top of the shelf and stretched up to get them. Both were my size. She asked if I wanted blue or black. Blue was my favorite color, so I picked the blue. I never saw them, just the outside of the box. When I got home, I was horrified. They were light blue GIRLS shoes. Guys canvas tennis shoes always had the rubber that covered the toes, girls shoes didn't. I had to wear them because mom wasn't driving all the way back to Westerville. I painted bats with black fabric paint on them to make them more manly. It didn't work, I still got teased about them. Whenever we picked out any more shoes, I had to see and approve of them.

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping were super.

Did you ever do anything at the store that caused your parents consternation?

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