Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Baching" it

That is bach as in "bachelor", not Bach as in the composer. Lady Nottaguy-TYG left Saturday afternoon to lend a hand at Lady Lemon's house. She's been hanging out with our new grand baby and the rest of Lady Lemon's clan. Here's a picture of "Pinky" (Lady Lemon has determined that "Sprite" was a boy name, hence "Pinky") that I was sent recently:

Here's another one on a quilt that My wife & daughter made this week:
Here's a pic of Lord Lemon assisting Zesty while he holds his baby sister:
While she's been hanging with the gang down south, I've had to hold the fort and keep an eye on the grand kids here. "The Ogre" worked 12 hour shifts both Monday & Tuesday, so I had to pick up "The Boy" from school and "The Girl" from daycare. "The Ogre" instructed me to head straight to her house and wait there for "The Woodsman" to get home from work. This worked well. In the familiar surroundings, "The Girl" took a bottle and napped until her daddy got home (meaning I didn't have to change any diapers ).

Tuesday after "The Woodsman" got home, I raced home and shaved, hopped through a quick shower and raced off to church. Our church changes mid-week service days for Thanksgiving week so the ladies could have Wednesday for cooking.

Today after work, I didn't have grand kids, but I had to pick up my MIL's laundry after stopping at the bank. Once I got it, I made a small grocery trip. Even though the lot was full, I got through the lines rather quickly. All of Mil's laundry is done and I'm about ready to turn in.

The problem with that is that half of me (my better half) isn't here. I've been staying up later so I won't toss & turn with only Sparky the wonder dragon to keep me company. My wife is coming home tomorrow so I will be very thankful on Thanksgiving.

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Jewel said...

She is so precious, Sir! Love the pic of Daddy, Zesty and Pinky!! :-)