Friday, December 30, 2011

Flashback Friday # 169

Technologically Impaired

Welcome one & all to this last FBF of the year.

I've mentioned that one of the clubs that I joined in high school was the Media club. The Media club were, for lack of better words, the geeks of the school. We were all student librarians and helpers in the library. The president was always a senior.

The current president was voted class clown of his graduating class. He was an absolute riot. When a new piece of equipment came in, he showed it even more.

This piece of equipment was a picture viewer (like a slide projector that was hooked up to a TV). You recorded comments about the pictures and played them back during the slide show. Sort of like a powder point presentation of the day.

The president, Arnie, set up the contraption and began flashing pictures across the screen. He gave a hilarious comment for each and every picture for about a half hour. We were holding our sides with laughter at the end of the demonstration.

He then set the viewer to rewind and we were going to watch the whole thing again on TV with all the captions. When the program came on there was one problem. The "record button hadn't been depress, or the pause button released (I can't remember which). None the less, the were no pictures with comments. Since meeting time was rapidly coming to and end, He did about five pictures, with the recording on this time. Even techno geeks can mess things up by times.

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